Santorini diving

Best places to dive in Santorini

Santorini is a group of islands, circularly disposed, which form the edge of an active volcano.


Cool dive spots in and around Rhodes

Rhodes is a fascinating place for any visitor: cosmopolitan resorts with modern hotels and wonderful beaches coexist with a fascinating history of the area. Due to its position, climate and […]


An Underwater Full House

Switch things up a bit with some good old fashion card gaming fun For veterans looking to add a little something extra for their next scuba diving trip, why not […]

scuba diving is fun

What’s so great about scuba diving anyway?

Beneath the ocean waters of brilliant blue exists an untouched terrain, a spectacle of marine life.

giant clam

Unique Sea Creatures to Spot in the Great Barrier Reef

The flourishing underwater cities held together by coral colonies along the Great Barrier Reef create a spectacular display of natural splendor.


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